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"By abstracting out the 'hard' stuff about investing and focusing on the most simple of businesses, Berman (a finance prof at NYU and an investment advisor) is able to gradually introduce more complicated concepts without overwhelming the reader with jargon."

"Really, Lessons from the Lemonade Stand encompasses much of an introductory finance curriculum in book form that reads, well, more like a book of fiction than one on investing." 

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“I loved this book. What a fun way to learn about the economics of starting and investing in a business! The complexities of stock markets, taxes, capital and leverage are boiled down to simple ‘Lemonade Logic,’ teaching the reader that even the most complex business starts in much the same manner as a charming lemonade stand. This is a must-read for my start-up clients—first time entrepreneurs can learn to apply the ‘Realities of Lemonade Life’ in successfully launching their businesses and first-time venture capital investors can learn what to look for when investing in those businesses.”

Lori Hoberman, Chair, Emerging Companies/Venture Capital Group
Chadbourne & Parke LLP

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Written for aspiring investors of all ages, Lessons from the Lemonade Stand explains everything you need to know in the context of that most classic of all American businesses: the corner lemonade stand. 

Rooted in the fundamental truth that “common sense is the best investment tool,” the book slices important concepts into simple sections, sweetening them with folksy, easy-to-read language. The trials and tribulations of lemonade stand owner Lucinda highlight every concept from interest rates to retirement accounts to leverage. Learn investment basics as you follow Lucinda Lemonade Inc. along its sweet (and sometimes sour) journey as a start-up, from the squeeze of the first lemon to its initial private equity deal and its eventual foray into tech, all in the tidy town of Lemonville.

Lessons from the Lemonade Stand simplifies investment concepts without watering them down. A stock, for example, is not defined in financial gibberish, but for what it truly is: a slice of the business that entitles the stockholder to a little drop of every dollar Lucinda Lemonade Inc. earns. 

Entertaining and fun, Lessons from the Lemonade Stand supplies readers with the ingredients they need to become savvy investors.



Lessons from the Lemonade Stand (“Lemonade”) provides educational information on investing. All readers should take care to understand the risks, costs, mechanics, and consequences of investing. None of the content in this book is intended to be (nor should be interpreted as) a solicitation to buy or sell securities. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Any forward-looking statement is inherently uncertain and cannot be relied upon as a statement of actual performance. Investing can result in serious loss. Although all content is derived from data believed to be reliable, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. James Berman, JBGlobal.com LLC, and their employees assume no liability whatsoever for any investment losses as a result of readers following the advice in Lemonade. Lemonade is not intended to provide personalized investment advice. Readers should consider consulting an investment advisor before making any actual investment. This book is not intended to provide accounting or legal advice. Tax rules and laws regarding investment change regularly and are specific to the individual. As a result, the general tax rules mentioned in this book should not be relied upon. Readers should consult an accountant for tax advice and a lawyer for legal advice. James Berman is an investor in Insight Guru Inc, the parent company of Trefis, both personally and through the venture fund he subadvises.